Md Monjurul Karim Rasel ( Solicitor )

Md M K Rasel is a distinguished and highly qualified solicitor, specialising in immigration matters in England and Wales. With over a decade of extensive experience in navigating the complexities of UK immigration law, Rasel is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable services to his clients.

Rasel’s credentials include being called as a barrister by the prestigious Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, London, UK, further solidifying his expertise in legal matters.

As a Solicitor of the Senior Courts of England and Wales, Rasel offers comprehensive consultations across various legal domains. His expertise spans Immigration matters, Family Law, Wills & Probate, Landlord & Tenants, Commercial lease, Welfare benefits, and more. Clients can expect a thorough understanding of their unique circumstances and expert guidance on their legal options.

Additionally, Rasel provides a range of supplementary services including administering oaths, attestation, statutory declarations, sponsorship declarations, and independent legal advice, ensuring that clients receive comprehensive support throughout their legal journey.

Rasel’s proven track record encompasses handling critical immigration matters with precision and care. This includes proficiency in immigration appeals, administrative and judicial reviews, detention and bails, deportation and removals, fiancé visa applications, spouse visa and dependant visa applications, applications for pre-settled and settled status for EEA citizens, EEA family permits, spouse and other family member entry clearance applications, family and private life applications under article 8 and 3 of the ECHR, married and unmarried partner’s applications under 5- and 10-years routes, settlements in the UK (for both 5 years and 10 years routes applicants), naturalisation and registration as a British citizen across all categories, as well as asylum matters, including private life under the 20 years rule.

With a steadfast commitment to providing exceptional legal services, Md M K Rasel stands as a reliable and experienced solicitor for individuals navigating the intricacies of immigration law in the UK. His expertise and proven track record make him a valuable asset to clients seeking comprehensive and effective legal representation.

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