Money Claim

We can assist you if an individual or business is disputing with you and you are unable to reach an agreement.

The Small Claims Track of the Court is the appropriate venue for disputes involving less than £10,000 in value. The following are the most common claims in this section:

  • Compensation for poor workmanship by contractors, garages, and others.
  • Reimbursement for products delivered by the supplier that are damaged or defective, such as washing machines or televisions.
  • Rent arrears or compensation for failure to perform repairs: landlord-tenant disputes
  • Customers who owe money for goods or services purchased.

An individual does not need to hire an attorney to file a claim on the small claims track. However, because specific legal procedures must be followed and documentation must be gathered, this can be a difficult and nerve-racking experience. 

It is critical that these actions be completed in the exact order listed above to ensure that the final Court hearing goes as smoothly as possible and to increase your chances of victory.

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